Friday, October 8, 2010

Real Homeschooling!

I was talking to a friend of mine
one day about
homeschooling blogs,
not that they aren't wonderful
and have so many GREAT ideas. I just
wanted to see some REAL homeschooling pics
and articles.
Messy house, little toddlers getting into
phone ringing off the wall (going of course unanswered[wink];-),
dishes piled in the sink,
dog food on the kitchen floor,
unorganized curriculum,
a spontaneous family vacation,
book shelves cluttered with papers, a toothbrush,
a sock, and whatever was on the floor
next to the shelf, errands that have
to be done, mom's
quit time
all the other needs
that need to be met.
How about the article on the history
that seems to be
put on the back burner
even though you bought
and it is
Anyways I decided to write about
at my house
and all the fun
and Chaos
that I wouldn't trade for the WORLD.
I saw a quote somewhere that said
"We may not have it all together but together we have it all"

I love this quote. It definitely describes our family.

Look for pics of our
throughout my blog
in the future
and happy

pics may cause feelings of comfort and assurance that you are not the "only" one

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Duvet Cover

I wanted to show off a duvet cover I made last week. I really didn't follow any directions. I just saw a couple of instructions off and on through the years and improvised.

Here is the cover that I used

I sewed on ribbon that I just picked out of
my sewing box.  It doesn't really matter if it
matches.  It will be on the inside to tie
it together.

Here is one of the corners
of the blanket.

These are the sheets.
With my inexperience
of sewing I bought
two full size sheets
at Walmart for
$12.00 total.
I recommend buying
twin sheets next time.

I bought these buttons
in a three pack for
around $4.00
at Walmart.

Made my button outline which took me all day to
learn how to sew a button hole in something.

Finally figured it out. After
many seam rippings.

After I sewed the buttons on
I sewed ribbons on the 4 corners
of the sheet that was sewn together
on 3 sides.

Then I tied the ribbons all together

And here is the finished

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings "Consider the Lilies"

A Quest for Talent...

Are you one of those women where you look at a blog or a crafty women that just put things together and think "Where was I when creative talent was handed out ?" Well I used to think that and now I am in the process of "we'll say reprogramming" my brain cells. So what, So I have to look at something to get an idea. So I am not "MOLLY MORMON". That's OK. I have told myself all these years that I didn't have any talent and I actually believed it. Now I have to change my belief and have faith that Heavenly Father granted me Talents for just me and I have to believe that they are inside of me waiting to appear. Some of them have already manifested themselves and I just haven't noticed them I'm sure.

I am on a quest now......

A Talent Quest

Here is one that I am working on.

A DUVET cover...