Sunday, November 28, 2010

George Washington Poster

About a year ago I saw these posters at Deseret Book Store and fell in love with them. They just gave me goosebumps. I saw them again when we were at our son's cub scout leaders house and found out that their son-n-law is the author. That was COOL!!! I knew when I looked at those that these were something that I would love to hang in my house and the kids bedrooms to inspire them.

On Friday I went into Seagull book and bought my first small poster of GEORGE WASHINGTON crossing the Delaware on December 25. That is what I felt inspired to get. And that is what I got!

Go to the Website and check them out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clutter Be Gone Beginning

I can't stand it no more!!!

As I sit here and think about my topic of DE-CLUTTERING my mind takes me back to a beautiful home we owned in Northern Idaho 3 years ago. It was a morning like all other mornings for me, crazy and chaotic. Everything out of order, children fussing, nothing in it's place, schoolbooks out in the garage, clothes all over the bedrooms unfolded and laundry piled up to the sky. As mom's know...... that is only the tip of the ICEBERG.
On that particular day that I remember so well the best part of me had left the building.......... temporary insanity and a very cluttered house had taken over. It was the end of me for sure.
I thought to myself "I have to get out of this house and think!" (a quick note about our family, I am a homeschooler with lots of little footsteps to guide. Seven to be exact!) So I grabbed my keys and my coat and headed out the door. I remember distinctively thinking that I am frustrated with doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I felt that my homeschooling could be a lot better. That our home could have A LOT more order and that mom was less frazzled. Maybe the dishes could get done before 2 in the afternoon, that when laundry had to be done you didn't have to wear oxygen to get to the top of it to sort it all out and that maybe, just maybe daddy and I could have some down time before midnight. My house was in a turmoil clutter wise, which spread into other aspects of my life. Maybe a reflection of my inner congestion inside my soul. I just know that because my house was extremely cluttered that so was I. Years of accumulation surrounded me. I needed answers.

So there I was in my car, driving... not really sure where wondering where to start to get out of the "same thing different results" scenario. I said a silent prayer for myself. A silent prayer for help.

I drove down the rode and saw a Borders Book Store. I parked (Kinda wondering why I choose here to escape) and went inside.
I walked directly to the back of the store straight down the middle as if I knew where I was going.

I stopped at the
rack fogged out and exhausted.

I looked down and there it was.
"Clutter Be Gone" by Don Aslett"
God definitely knew what I needed at that moment.
It was only 3.99$ too.
I went home and started to read it from front to back.
I felt a new kind of feeling. Something almost Super-Natural you would say.
I become less sensitive to the feeling of
"Oh I have to keep this I might need it someday"
or "My great aunt marge gave this to me."
I respected other family members items. I just lived by example. Then later on (Much later on) some of the family started catching on.
It has been 4 years since that day. We have acquired awesome habits of looking at something that comes into our life and either keeping it, putting it in its place or giving it away. That goes for items that are physical or non physical.
De-cluttering isn't just about giving away the Physical it is about everything in your life that causes disharmony and clutter.
So there you have it.
The beginning of my rollar coaster ride of De-Cluttering.

(The computer and Vase were not actually items owned, but you get the picture)